Bicycle Repair

We offer full-service maintenance on most makes and models. On-the-spot service like flats or installing an accessory can often be done while you wait. Most repairs will have to be left with us for a few days. Our trained mechanics will give you an estimate on your repair as well as a turn-around time before you leave. If any changes are needed such as added parts or labor, we will contact you first. It is recommended to schedule your bicycle for an appointment, that way you may bring it in one day and generally pick it up the next day.

Basic Tune Up


We make sure your bike is ready to roll and safe to ride with our Basic Service Package. Includes small adjustments and alignments to brakes and shifting for a smooth, controlled ride.

• Lubricate drivetrain
• Torque all bolts
• Align and adjust brakes
• Align and adjust shifting
• Adjust headset
• Inspect bottom bracket
• Adjust wheel bearings
• Bike frame wash

48-hour turnaround available*

Tune Up Plus


With a detailed cleaning and comprehensive adjustment, this package includes all the preventative service you need to keep your bike operating at its best. Service includes Basic Tune-up package plus the following:

• Remove and deep clean drivetrain components
• Bike wash with wheel and tire scrub
• Frame polish
• Brake surface and pad cleaning

Complete Overhaul


This is more than a tune-up—it’s an extensive rebuild to ensure every piece of your bike is operating the same as it was on day one and includes a complete overhaul of all major components.

Complete bicycle disassembly down to the frame
• Bike wash with wheel and tire scrub
• Frame polish / protectant
• Overhaul bottom bracket
• Overhaul headset
• Overhaul and adjust wheel bearings
• Inspect and service free hub body
• Drivetrain clean and lubricant
• Wheel spoke tension and wheel true

Suspension Service Center

NBX offers in-store fork and shock services for most brands. 

Fork Rebuilds
Fork/Shock Seals

Electric Bike Service

Our service department is certified to work on any electric bicycle equipped with a Bosch or Shimano STEPS electric system.We have  Even if you did not buy the bike from NBX, we are happy to provide servicing to your Bosch/Shimano-equipped bike. Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment to work on bikes equipped with other systems