Only e-bikes offer the flexibility to get in a workout, ride with a faster friend, haul a heavy load, or simply cruise. Even if your ride varies from day to day, an electric bicycle always gives you the option to do and experience more.

Who rides electric bikes?

Everyone! Casual riders, commuters, adventure seekers, even cyclists looking to get a great workout in. Electric bikes offer versatility, fun, and can open up a world of possibilities!

Are ebikes easy to ride?

YES! If you can ride a bike, you can ride an e-bike. Pedal assist is smooth and intuitive, and all our e-bikes feature stable handling and confidence-inspiring features like hydraulic disc brakes.

Hills? What hills?

With the gravity-defying capabilities of an e-bike, hills seem to disappear beneath you. Commute sweat-free, or just ride farther

How far can an ebike go?

General range is 20-70 miles on a charge, based on power mode, terrain, and other riding conditions. The battery easily charges using your home wall outlets

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