Basic Tune-Up


Make sure your bike is ready to roll and safe to ride with our Basic Service Package. Includes small adjustments and alignments to brakes and shifting for a smooth, controlled ride.

• Lubricate drivetrain
• Torque all fasteners
• Align and adjust brakes
• Align and adjust shifting
• Adjust headset
• Inspect bottom bracket
• Adjust wheel bearings
• Bike wash - excluding wheel and tire scrub

Tune-Up with Drivetrain Clean


Give your bike some love and improve its performance with our Advanced Service Package. With a detailed clean and comprehensive adjustments, this package includes all the preventative maintenance you need to keep your bike operating at its best.

Additional services performed beyond the Basic tune-up package:
• Remove and deep clean drivetrain components
• Bike wash with wheel and tire scrub
• Frame polish / protectant
• Brake surface and pad clean
• Lateral and vertical wheel true




This is more than a tune-up—it’s an extensive rebuild to ensure every piece of your bike is operating the same as it was on day one and includes a complete overhaul of all major components.

• Complete bicycle disassembly down to the frame
• Bike wash with wheel and tire scrub
• Frame polish / protectant
• Overhaul bottom bracket
• Overhaul headset
• Overhaul and adjust wheel bearings
• Inspect and service free hub body
• Drivetrain clean and lubricant
• Wheel spoke tension and wheel true
• Fork interval service
• Shock interval service
• Inspect and replace all suspension bearings
• Hydraulic lines bled