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Suspension Service


Your suspension is constantly at work beneath you smoothing out the terrain, keeping your 
tires glued to the trail, and providing stability and confidence. We offer professional suspension 
services to keep yours running smooth season after season.







In-house suspension service

We service most Fox and Rockshox suspesnsion and seatposts in-store

Free Estimates
Inspection & Installation
Fork Rebuilds
Fork/Shock Seals





Recommended Suspension Service Intervals

FOX Suspension & Seatposts 
Every 125 Hours, Yearly, or whichever comes first
Rockshox Forks 
Lower Leg Service, 50 hours
Damper/Spring Service, every 200 hours
Reverb Seatpost, every 400 hours
Rockshox Shocks 
Air Can Service, 50 Hours
Damper/Air Can Service 100-200 hours


Extreme Conditions

FOX encourages riders to perform maintenance earlier than recommended above as needed when riding where trail debris is sprayed onto the fork or shock while on the trail:
  • Lift-accessed DH, or Park riding
  • Extreme Freeride
  • Extremely wet/muddy or 
  • dry/dusty environmental conditions
If you hear, see, or feel something unusual, stop riding immediately and contact a FOX Authorized Service Center for proper servicing

For those who ride 

Stop by NBX for a free repair estimate today!