Our professional bicycle Tune-Ups are now 25% off 

through the end of February 

Bicycles must be brought in no later than February 29th to qualify

Bicycle Service Packages

Winter Special


Every 7500 Miles or annually, depending on use



•All fasteners torqued to spec
• Cables and chain lubricated
•Brakes adjusted
• Derailleurs adjusted
•Wheels lightly trued
• Headset adjusted
• Hubs Adjusted
• Bike frame wash

Winter Special


Tune-Up + Drivetrain Clean
Every 1500 Miles, or annually depending of use



  • -All fasteners torqued to spec
    • Cables and chain lubricated
    •Brakes adjusted
    • Derailleurs adjusted
    •Wheels trued laterally and radially 
    • Headset adjusted
    • Hubs Adjusted
    • Bike frame wash
  • All Drivetrain components are removed and deep cleaned in our parts washer. All grit and old grease is removed. Parts are washed then reinstalled, lubricated, and tuned
  • Includes labor only, parts additional


Every 3000 miles or annually, depending on use


- Cables and chain lubricated 
- Brakes adjusted 
- Derailleurs adjusted 
- Wheels radially and laterally trued
- Headset Bearings replaced/repacked*
- Hub Bearings replaced/repacked*
- All Cables/Housing replaced*
- Drivetrain deep cleaned in parts washer
- Bike wash
- Electronic Shifting Firmware updated (if applicable)
- Bosch/Shimano Electric Bike Firmware updated (if applicable)

Price does not include parts. Additional labor applicable for suspension and hydraulic brake service

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* bikes must be dropped off by Saturday February 29th, 2020 to qualify


Saturday, February 29th

Valid through February 29, 2020. Cannot be combined with other offers. *Price of Tune-Up excludes price of parts and additional labor (for parts installation) **Parts not included.  Service of Suspension Pivots/Bearings not included.



Your suspension is constantly at work beneath you smoothing out the terrain, keeping your tires glued to the trail, and providing stability and confidence. We offer professional suspension services to keep yours running smooth season after season.

In-house fork and shock services:

Free Estimates

Inspection & Installation

Fork Rebuilds

Fork/Shock Seals



We service most Fox and Rockshox suspension, call for details

Electric Bike Service


We are certified to work on any electric bicycle equipped with a Bosch or Shimano STEPS electric system. Even if you did not buy the bike from NBX Bikes, we are happy to provide servicing to your Bosch/Shimano-equipped bike. Unfortunately, we do not have the equipment to work on bikes equipped with other systems. Additional labor may apply to flat tire repairs on rear wheel-motor equipped electric bikes, call us for details