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Louis Garneau Low Versis Socks (3-pack)
$10.00 - $19.99 $19.99 50% Off
The ventilated upper and cushioned sole make Louis Garneau's Low Versis Socks comfortable for all types of riding conditions. They feature 3-inch cuffs and an elastic band at the upper and under foot that creates an amazing fit. The CoolPlus fabric wicks, so you're feet will stay dry through tough workouts.
Louis Garneau Yarn Socks
$10.00 $19.99 50% Off
With Garneau's supportive Yarn Socks, you'll enjoy soft, natural Merino Wool for temperature regulation, moisture transfer and exceptional breathability. Top, bottom, and Achilles padding adds comfort, while the tall, stretchy Euro-cuffs increase comfort and blood flow by minimizing pressure points.
Louis Garneau A-Compression Socks
$22.50 $44.99 50% Off
During racing and training, Garneau's A-Compression Socks reduce muscle fatigue so you'll ride and run stronger. They are designed with compressive properties to increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and assist in muscle recovery. A graduated fit is made possible by Garneau's durable nylon/Lycra fabric blend.
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