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Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike

Yuba Flip Flop Balance Bike
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It's Flippin' Incredible
The Flip Flop cargo balance bike is the world's first kids' cargo bike and balance trainer in one. Designed for little riders ages 1.5 to 6, the Flip Flop teaches kids how to ride a bike without clumsy training wheels. When they're ready, the frame flips over allowing the bike to grow with your little rider and spend an extra year on the road. And because we make cargo bikes around here, it comes with a tiny cargo rack to haul toys, snacks and imaginary friends!

The Flip Flop unique features:
- It has a rack, like a big kid's bike.
- Our patented “Flippable” frame grows along with your child.
- Lowest Stand Over height (11-inches) = youngest starting age at 15 months.
- Longest range of use of any balance bike 15 months to 6yrs old.
- Light aluminum frame in super FUN color patterns.


Flip Flop Balance Bike