WARWICK CLASSES                                                                                                                       

 Tuesday, January 30th 5 - 6pm
 NBX Bikes of Warwick
 Whether your in your driveway, on the road, or on the trail, a sudden  flat tire can be the end-all to a great ride. Learn how to change a flat and basic roadside repair

Tuesday, February 6th 5 -6pm
NBX Bikes of Warwick
A clean bike is a happy bike:
Proper bike wash makes maintenance easier and keeps your bike running quieter. Learn how to wash components and what to avoid
Tuesday, February 13 5 - 6pm
NBX Bikes of Warwick
Learn how your gears work and how to
make basic derailleur adjustments

    EAST PROVIDENCE CLASSES                                                                                          

 Park Tool Maintenance School 
various nights
NBX Bikes of East Providence

An in-depth, multi-hour class that focus on how your bike works inside and out. With this hands-on course, you will learn everything from how to change a flat to overhauling your bike completely

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NBX East Providence 401-434-3838
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