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Electric Bike Testimonials

Our customers are riding further and more often thanks to their new ebikes!

Ernie owns a Trek XM700 (which is now the Trek Super Commuter above), Felt LebowskE, and Riese and Muller Supercharger

"Electric biking has it all, fun coupled with excellent health benefits!   

"In the 18 months since I purchased the first eBike I have ridden 7,000 miles in total between the two bikes. Owning and riding an eBike has redefined my life.  Since childhood I have always ridden bikes, however, pedal assisted biking has given me a new lease on life. I am now able to ride further, faster, and longer than I had been in recent years. I now ride with a confidence that regardless of headwinds or hills I can bike on and complete a challenging ride...When riding an eBike one can choose the amount of assistance desired.  On the lowest level of assist I have found the cardio workout can exceed that of a conventional bike. Electric biking has it all, fun coupled with excellent health benefits!” - Ernie Santoro, Wakefield RI 

"ready for an adventure!"

“....riding ebikes...has changed my life. To make my health situation even more unique to the eBike invention, I had full right hip replacement surgery last November. While I can only do 7 miles at a time, riding her has really help to strengthen my legs & my hips, not to mention how it has improved my overall balance. I challenge myself and often use just the first 4 speeds before I connect the pedal assist power; but when I do, I can go at least 2 miles longer!" - Denise Russ, Wakefield RI

Electra Townie 8i GO! 

Cranston Police Department

“The acquisition of eBikes has eliminated any geographical limitations on where the Cranston Police Department can deploy bike patrols”, "It has changed everything we do on our bike patrols"

Captain Russell Henry Jr., Cranston Police Department 

"With an ebike you’ll feel like a kid again, healthy, happy and fit "

"My husband and I are cyclists and on an average ride 125 miles a week.  When we were introduced to eBikes it made cycling more FUN. We are now riding more and taking our granddaughter for the ride with us. We hit the bike path a couple of times a week with her.  It’s keeping us connected with the grandkids and staying fit at the same time. The eBike is an environmentally friendly form of transportation. Thank you NBX Bikes for making cycling that much more fun. Ride For The Fun Of It!”

- Melissa and Stephen Smith Wakefield, RI

"If you are interested in trying an e-bike, NBX is the place to go"

"...When we walked into NBX, we were pleasantly surprised to find they had several brands and models on the floor that were available to try on a short test ride. The staff at NBX is extremely knowledgeable about e-bikes since many of them own e-bikes themselves. They were able to answer all of our questions.  

The first time I tried an e-bike, I was hooked. Riding an e-bike is twice as fun as a traditional bike. I purchased the Trek Commuter 7 e-bike and my wife chose the Town and Country. While we rarely used our traditional bikes, we have ridden our e-bikes several times a week and quickly accumulated more than 500 miles each. We routinely ride 20-30 miles at a time on various bike paths in RI and MA. E-bikes allows us to travel further in far less time making the trips more enjoyable. Many people may think that you do not get a workout on an e-bike which is far from the truth. You control the level of assist provided by the small electric motor which requires the rider to pedal and adapts based on the tension on the chain." - Michael Winquist RI

 We could ride from one location to the next effortlessly "

"...the ebikes had an immediate impact on our performance as police officers. We were able to patrol most of the town within our eight hour shift. We could ride from one location to the next effortlessly. We were able to ride up the steepest hills with minimal effort and patrol areas that previously seemed unattainable. We were able to respond to our calls in a timely fashion and even back up other police officers on their calls. My partner and I requested that our department purchase ebikes for the following summer because the ebikes played a prominent role in the success that we had on bike patrol.”

- James Tsagaroulis, South Kingstown Police Department 

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